Calcium vs Silica

Calcium vs Silica

Is your calcium build up actually silica?

Are you aware that the build-up occurring from water usage could be calcium or silica. The amount of calcium carbonate (limescale) in the water is measured to calculate the hardness of water. Silica is sometimes taken as hardness in water but it is a different substance.

The water softening devices that have been available for many years for curing hardness in your water cannot cure a silica scale problem. 

 Silica scale is a well known problem throughout many parts of NZ, especially in the Bay of Plenty and is often (in ignorance) mistaken for limescale. Silica is virtually impossible to remove from glass once it has formed a molecular bond, which is almost instantaneous once the water evaporates leaving the silica in direct contact with the glass. Glass is made from silica and thus they form a powerful bond under the right circumstances. The only 'in-line' filter that we have personally seen reduce the nasty effects of silica (other than RO - which is expensive and slow) is the KP Water Magnetic Device. It's designed according to world wide accepted parameters for Effective Magnetic Treatment of water. We use rare earth magnets to produce a very strong 'focused field'.

Our happy customers have reported that our system reduces the effects of water hardness (limescale) and the effects of Silica.

KP Water owns the design which is modelled on other successful magnetic devices manufactured and used around the World. The company designed & developed it in Tauranga, initially to reduce lime scale, but over the last few years our customers have told us that it can be used to great effect for silica scale reduction.

As a company KP Water has endeavoured to give the full facts of each situation of water quality. We believe that a happy customer is the best place to be. Our customers have certainly appreciated our clear information because we have had no complaints from any of them.