About KP Water

KP Water

KP Water has been incorporated to pursue the idea of using fixed magnets to treat water. We have been operating since 2008 and have developed our present system in the years since.

The system has been sold into approximately 3600 houses New Zealand wide with rave comments coming from the consumers. The positive feedback has allowed us to fine tune the system. There are many firms who use magnetic treatment around the world and have achieved very good results. Our magnetic device is used as a part of the whole residential system and provides a good finishing touch to the water clarity.

The use of Sediment, Carbon and KDF filters has been around for some time and each has their own function. Combined with the magnetic device the filters produce a very good product in clean water to your home. Having carbon and KDF working together in one filter increases the life of the filter by up to four times. We can produce clean water for urban residential, rural residential (including farm supply) and for small to medium commercial premises.