Do you have skin irritations?

Up to 99% reduction in chlorine
Give yourself a fighting chance with purified water from every tap
"Her eczema has cleared up to the point that we no longer require the medication"
Simon Cope, Auckland
See the SkinMatters Research Article...

"Studies have indicated that the incidence of eczema can be related to water hardness, with one study in Nottingham indicating that primary school children living in hard water areas are almost 50% more likely to have eczema than those living in a softer water area."

How does it work?
The system goes onto your main supply between the edge of your property and your house.

By purifying all the water coming onto the property we can remove chlorine from the shower and bath where most irritations occur.

- Chlorine reduced up to 99%
- Heavy metals taken out
- Reduced effects of limescale and silica as per our customers testimonies.

Other benefits of the system include your own "Virtual Ionizer". This employs a unique design that our customers have reported reduces the effects of limescale and silica build up on their bathroom surfaces and kitchen appliances. The only other option to remove these elements is to spend a lot more money on very complicated methods like distillation and salty ionisers using salt and electricity .

What you need to know
- The system comes complete with brass fittings and stainless steel piping (all top quality).

- Installation can be done by nearly any plumber and is usually between $150 and $400 depending on complexity.

- There is a 5 year warranty on all parts

- There are 2 filters - one gets changed annually ($55), and the other one is bi-annual and $116 (depending on your situation they could last longer).

- We provide full back up service and support for both the installer and yourself. We are water experts, so you can ask us anything at any stage.

- We are a NZ company and the system is designed for NZ conditions to our specifications.

You can call us any time to talk about your situation: 0800 552 509
Call us any time on 0800 552 509