Not just a water filter

Reduce scale and purify your water at the same time!
Chlorine, heavy metals, limescale, and silica
...just pure water
You don't need to add nasty chemicals to take out nasty chemicals. We are chemical free.
...low cost & complexity
The cost of ownership increases if electricity is required. Our system uses mains pressure to function.
...quality saves you
Quality filters mean you have long life filters that will last and provide ultimate filtration over other options including under-bench.
Whole house water filtration
Every tap in the property can have purified water that feels so much nicer:
  • Kitchens for better tasting food, healthier living
  • Bathrooms for easier clean, less skin irritations
  • Laundry for better smelling clothes
The system attaches to your main water pipe between the roadside and house. Your plumber can install these - in most cases very simply.

"Our washing powder usage in the washing machine has decreased..." Joy and Graham in Tauranga

"Guests comment on how nice our water is..." Cliff & Lisa in Hamilton

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We have hundreds of happy customers so you are in good hands.
What is included?
We supply everything you need to have the system installed by your local plumber.

  • No-maintenance Virtual Ionizer (KP Water only product)
  • NZ specific Sediment filtration - high quality, long life
  • NZ specific Carbon / KDF filter for up to 99% reduction in chlorine and also reducing heavy metals
  • Stainles steel fittings plus brass ports for super-long life
  • 5 year warranty

We are selling direct to the public online so we can provide a premium product at a mid-market price.

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  • Installation is not included so what is the cost? We find that most customers will install for between $300 and $500 by their local plumber. It's not a hard job when the main water pipe is easily accessible.
  • How do I know if I have hard water? You will see deposits on bathroom surfaces and your jug will get a build up of white deposit.
  • Do I have chlorine in my water? If you are on town supply most councils do put chlorine in the water. Check with your council if you are unsure.
  • Do you have retail stores? We sell direct to give the best price we can.
  • Why is your system different? Because we have the "Virtual Ionizer" that our customrs tell us gives them 'softer' water. Also, our filters are premium quality and designed for NZ & AUS conditions.
  • What back up service and support do you provide? We have been around more than 10 years and provide expertise in water purification. Our filter products have up to 5 years warranty.

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