Residential whole house water filtration

PurResidential water filtratione water from every tap. 

  • Built for NZ conditions with quality materials from Taiwan and China to KP Water specifications
  • Nationwide support and free water advice
  • Five year warranty.
  • All parts including taps, release valves, and filters are included 
  • Choose your own plumber or get help finding someone (free service and nationwide)
  • Buy online or find out how we can do premium water filtration at a reasonable price 

System Parts

1. High-flow, high quality, long lasting sediment filter
2. Carbon Filter specially formulated for New Zealand
3. KDF added to Carbon Filter to remove heavy metals KDF carbon filter to remove chlorine 
4. KP Water Virtual Ionizer to produce a final product


    Simply call up your local plumber to get it installed. We provide instructions and phone support to assist in making it as easy as possible.

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    Need help? We have in-house water experts to help you with your purchase. For free advice call us free on 0800 552 509 or get in touch via this website.