Rural water filtration for homes and sheds

Live out of town?

An 'off the shelf' rural water filter product may not always suit your water, especially if it is from a bore or stream, spring etc. We like to discuss your particular needs, giving you the benefit of our years of experience before suggesting a solution. An independent water analysis report we will be required for all groundwater applications. A recent report is important as the water quality can change due to surface water contamination, earthquakes and nearby excavation or drilling work.



Water varies enormously in biological (coli-forms) and chemical composition, sediment size and quantity plus many other factors such as pH and hardness. In many locations there may be a problem with iron or manganese that we can resolve relatively inexpensively.

We use well proven Canadian made UV steriliser systems incorporating the latest technology to ensure effective sterilisation while saving money on your power bills.


  • The KP Water system uses good quality filter housings

  • We use first grade genuine filter components.
  • The Luminor "Blackcomb" LB5-104 UV Lamp only requires 39 Watts of power to give you good performance.
  • The Luminor  conversion rate means they produce UV efficiently without excess heat to save your power usage.
  • The electronic ballast is fully protected against 'brown outs' and power spikes.

    Call us on Free 0800 552 509 or get in touch from this website to discuss why these units are a very wise choice for your rural water treatment.