Rural System

Rural System

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Rural System, Whole House Water Filtration
  • Reduces scale build-up.
  • Removes Chlorine and the by-products of Chlorine Sterilisation.
  • Removes Heavy metals
  • Removes Sediment down to 1 micron
  • Improves lathering
  • Reduces cleaning costs by saving soap & detergents
  • Option to raise the pH where it is below 7.0pH
  • NSF/ANSI Certification on Filter Housings and cartridges

Five Stage system designed specifically for Rural water supply. Multi-stage 20 to 1 micron sediment filter; Carbon filter to remove contaminants plus KDF special media to remove heavy metals; Ionizer to reduce scale. Customisable filter stage to address specific problems such as pH adjustment. Complete with pressure gauges and waterproof cover.

The Rural System is ready to hookup to the main water supply to your home.

Installation by a Registered plumber can be organised by KP Water or yourself.  Five Year Warranty, conditions apply.

Full installation instructions given with the system.

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