Commercial System

Commercial System

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CTS-2025D (24 hour operation Fast-Food Restaurant) System Specification. Double filter system so that filters can be changed without interruption.

NSF/ANSI Certification on Filter Housings and cartridges

Suitable for any fast food restaurant, supermarket, café or bar.

Commercial systems are designed for each individual application and are ready to hook up to the property.

Nothing added to the water to cleanse it and environmentally friendly.

Cleaner, 'softer' water with no electricity or salt needed.

No residual sludge being fed into the sewerage system.

  •     Two of 20 Inch Sediment Filter Housing
  •     Two of 20 Inch Media Filter Housing
  •     25 mm Ports (1" BSP)
  •     Virtual Ionizer unit IZS-25
  •     Additional Valves and pipes (not supplied) to accommodate changeover during Filter replacements.
  •     Max Flow Rate 120 litres/min
  •     Three Year Warranty, conditions apply.

 Please get in touch for a quote to suit your requirements.

DUAL system to allow for maintenance and Filter changes without shutting off the water supply as in Photo at the top of this page.

Unit designed for maximium flow of 120 litres per minute which is ideal for larger water uses like 'Fast Food' restaurants.

We quote for each installation to give you the best performance vs cost.