Water filter replacement

We have a range of replacement water filters for our systems. These are standardised unless you have a custom system built by us.

All filters are of high quality and are designed to be long life filters.

How do you know when a filter needs replacingIf you can smell chlorine you will need a Carbon/KDF (the 2nd filter in line) filter. If your water pressure drops you will need a sediment filter. The sediment filter should be replaced annually, and the carbon/KDF filter every 2 years.

How often do I need to replace filters? For our residential system we recommend annually for the sediment filter (1st in line), and bi-annually for the KDF filter. 


How-to replace water filters

All filters come with instructions 

  • The filters come with a tool to undo the outer casing
  • Ensure the mains or tank water taps are off
  • Tap the pressure release valve on top to release pressure before trying to take off the filters
  • Unscrew the casing from the mounting (standard thread)
  • Carefully lower the outer casing and remove the inner filter
  • Place a small amount of grease on the threads of the outer casing before tightening to ensure it's easy to get off next time
  • Place the new filter into the casing and screw back into the mounting ensuring that the filter is aligned correctly and sitting in the centre of the casing
  • Turn the mains or tank tap on slowly to fill the filters
  • Press the release valve to release any air bubbles in the filters
  • Test from the tap. You might get a few air bubbles coming through

Important: If you are replacing the KDF filter (number 2) you must run water from a tap for 2 minutes or until the black in the water does not show. The tap used for the water runoff should be an external tap or similar where the black will not stain (eg. in the toilet it could leave a non-permanent stain). If it is an external tap, you need to take off the hose if it is attached.

We recommend you replace filters every 1 year for the sediment and 2 years for the KDF.

Free advice

If you require additional help, please let us know. We have water advisers on hand to help with your questions.

If you have questions, please get in touch.