Commercial Water Filtration Systems

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Commercial Water Filtration System Specifications (CTS-2025):

  •     20 Inch Sediment Filter Housing
  •     20 Inch Media Filter Housing
  •     25 mm Ports (1" BSP)
  •     Ionizer unit IZS-25
  •     Max Flow Rate 120 litres/min
  •     Three Year Warranty, conditions apply.

Unit designed for maximum flow of 120 litres per minute which is ideal for larger water uses like 'Fast Food' restaurants.

We create a customised setup for each installation to give you the best performance vs cost. This price and spec is a standard issue unit. Please get in touch for a quote for your requirements.

Suitable for any fast food restaurant, supermarket, café or bar.

  • Commercial water filtration systems are designed for each individual application and are ready to hook up to the property.
  • Nothing added to the water to cleanse it and environmentally friendly.
  • Cleaner, softer water with no electricity or salt needed.
  • Cheaper to operate than any salty ioniser.
  • No residual sludge being fed into the sewerage system.